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happilysarahmae's Journal

11 June 1984

This LJ is for the icons I make. But I'm not that good at it yet.

I got an LJ so I could find icons for my sister Kristen and I. Plus so I could leave thank yous.

I mostly used them in my my icon Xanga (which has since been made private do to icon theft), but I didn't see how that was helping spread their great work around LiveJournal so I made a icon community: so there people can see the icons I love and check out the people who make them easier. I'm a strong believer it crediting. As you can tell I'm sure. I believe icons are a form of art. Saddly it's a form I'm not very good at. So enjoy it by finding other peoples and sharing them. My new icon LJ is sarahmaesicons because I decided I this LJ as a blog only.

If I got icons from you, thanks again. ;D

~Sarah Mae~

Thank you to crippled for my Batman mood theme and to divalicious518 for my Tru Calling mood theme.

People who make icons that I use, love, and to check out!!!

*Note: Just because the links are listed under a title that doesn't mean those are the only kind of icons they have. It just means that's what I got from them(mainly).

Random icons: divalicious518, outside_icons, undercoveregg, _skapende, iconwaltz, dev_earl, depperte, angelofmusicx08, puckher, bellaisa, feathercait, isolated_igloo_, simplyness, chexcons (one of my faves).

Psych icons: moosewizard and dharmavati.

Roswell icons: hauntedd

Hanson icons:thatyouloveme

House M.D. Icons: jymaz, call_me_daisy, wallflowered, livelove423, gahdzuks, and krycons.

Prison Break Icons: _ila_, scarletumbrella, skyenapped, alazysod,
woot_icons, enginedriven (who makes some of the most beautiful icons I've ever seen from so many shows I love.)

Supernatural icons: mumbly_mumpy, __wastedicons, carmendove, chynnaprincess, modernsecret, coffeefueled(some of my faves).

Dark Angel icons: ellenemi, loverswalk, and darkangel_alone.

The Little Princess icons: lonnerz.

Batman: The Animated Series:curiousa_icons(and other awesome icons).

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe icons: nuintincowen posted in nuingraphics, autumn_pics, stiria, nomorefrostbite, macpherson_arts, ergo_bibamus, tachai92(they're awesome), arcadianwalnut(Makes alot of my favorite icons. They're awesome. Check it out.).

Thanks to aemenangel for my "Supernatural" screen caps. ;D